Honey Pumpkin Istanbul, Türk. (5 Seeds)

Honey Pumpkin Istanbul, Türk. (5 Seeds)

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Honey pumpkin Istanbul, Turk.

Famous, large gray-blue Squash

Istanbul is a selection of the famous Turkish delight pumpkin. The beautiful ribbed gray blue fruits are 8-12 kg. The flesh is dark orange and in the Turkish cuisine very popular.
The Istanbul requires for its strong growth ample space, a warm place and is matured of 110 to 120 days only at very warm regions.

This pumpkin grows well on warm, loose soils. In bringing forward as in the greenhouse can begin planting in late April or direct seeding from early May.

Possible pests: snails, birds, mice, lice, powdery mildew

You also receive the appropriate means to combat pests in our online shop. If you can't find the right means, send us a request and we obtain the necessary means in the short term for you.

Special varieties please inquire: turijan@onlinehome.de 

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